Spring Weekend 2015 Tickets

Ticketing Info

On Monday, April 13th @ 8am EST - 3200 Tickets released for each day of the event - Brown community may purchase one (1) ticket

On Wednesday, April 15th @ 2pm EST - If the weather call is to have the concert outdoors, an additional 2300 tickets released for each day of the event - Students without prior tickets may purchase a single (1) ticket

On Thursday, April 16th @ 8am EST - If tickets are not sold out, Brown community members are allowed a TOTAL of three (3) tickets for each day of the event

For security reasons, only Brown Community Members may purchase tickets online. RISD students must purchase tickets at the gate.

PLEASE READ: The Ticketing Process

You will be required to verify your identity through Brown Gmail before selecting tickets. If you are logged into another Gmail account, please log out of that account or select your Brown Gmail account as your current account.

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